Did you know…. Studying Abroad Through William Penn University

William Penn University is growing in regards to the realm of study abroad opportunities.

Prior to the creation of the position of Graduate Assistant for International Programs in June of 2011, students who had a desire to study abroad would have to go through another university. At the same time, the possibility of doing so also was through word of mouth. Thus, for myself, it was rather disappointing to hear students lament over the fact that they could not study abroad during their time here at William Penn University – based on the fact that they didn’t know that they could.

Insert myself into the picture, the first Graduate Assistant for International Programs for William Penn University.

Within my past year here at William Penn University, I have helped create a short-term study abroad program that encourages students to use their spring break for something else than partying on a beach. In March of 2012, 8 students went to Rwanda and Tanzania. It was the first trip of its kind for the school – combining a short course with the international trip – and combining students from the traditional undergraduate portion and the College for Working Adults. Needless to say, the trip (and course) was a success.

Now, William Penn University is beginning tentative preparations for a trip of similar length and build to China in 2014 – and possibly a trip (location to be kept secret until confirmation) for 2013.

This is in addition to the opportunities that our students have to study abroad on any third-party programs (such as Interstudy), through another school’s study abroad program pre-established (such as Central College, located in Pella, Iowa), and students “creating their own” semester abroad through our current connections with schools such as INATEK (Institute for Agriculture, Technology, and Education of Kibungo) in Kibungo, Rwanda and Ajou University in South Korea.

Whatever a student’s needs or wants, I can help them find a program or internship abroad to help fill their desire to be abroad.

So while the choices might seem a bit limited or perhaps there aren’t as many programs as we would like to have right now, creating study abroad programs and initiatives at William Penn University are growing. Who knows what we will offer four years from now – as I’m sure many people four years ago did not envision the current options that students have now!