Our final arrivals of our international student family

Today, the last of our international student family (besides our two lovely commuters) will be arriving on campus.

With classes beginning on Tuesday, it has been a crazy couple of weeks trying to make sure each student has housing arranged, the correct visa paperwork, airport transportation, waiting arrival packages, trips to Wal-Mart – and everything else you can think of that happens as one adjusts not only to a new place to call live but also a new country to call home.

Our numbers keep changing, even this late, so the current count of our international family for the 2012-13 school year will be 39 students. Ranging in academic backgrounds as well as homelands, these students will grow during their time with us but will also help us, as a college and community, grow too.

The locations where our 39 students hail from are:

* Australia
* Canada
* South Africa
* United Kingdom
* Brazil
* Egypt
* Slavakia
* Rwanda
* China
* Ireland
* Turks/Caicos Islands
* Zimbabwe
* Burma

If you are on or around campus and you notice some of our international students, take the time to say hello and to welcome them to our school!