Take the road less traveled and visit a forgotten place…

When one creates a travel bucket list, locations such as Paris, Rome, or Tokyo might pop up. That’s because we, as humans, tend to go to locations where there is a familiar history that we already understand. In other words, a familiar unfamiliar setting.

But what about those that are interested in going to places that are literally, forgotten, by the rest of the travel busy world? Insert BBC’s recent story on “Forgotten countries of the world.”

Through imagery and words, BBC’s travel section takes a reader from Suriname, South America, mixed with local and European flavor pictured below –

To places like Comoros, Africa, which used to be frequented by travelers as they rounded the South Africa tip.

A location can make a difference while traveling but what can really make that “perfect” vacation is knowing how to have the experience you truly want.

To read more of the “forgotten lands” of the world that may tweak your interest and become your next travel location, click here to go to the story on BBC.com: http://www.bbc.com/travel/slideshow/20120809-forgotten-countries-of-the-world