Fighting in Syria: the Larger Impact

With fighting in Syria going on for a year and a half now, some people outside the region are becoming “numb” to the various reports of conflict. This “numbness” can be attributed to many things – including never traveling to the region, feeling disconnected (it’s “they” who are hurting, not “me”), etc.

The website for Boston’s National Public Radio station though has a different view – in how almost everyone is affected by the conflict occurring in a country only 71,500 square miles.

  • One of the first known Christian churches
  • Castles built by Crusaders
  • Four thousand year old temples
  • The city founded by one of Alexander’s generals to honor his mother
  • Islamic mosques and Jewish synagogues
  • Temples as old as Babylon
  • The city of Ugarit, where the world’s first alphabet was composed (pictured below)
  • A hundred stone villages fully intact from the Roman empire
  • Ancient tablets that may contain the first mention of the Biblical patriarchs

To read more about what they discussed in their show, take a journey to this link: