Canada’s efforts to double their international student population

Recently, a report titled International Education: A Key Driver of Canada’s Future Prosperity was released by a government appointed panel in Canada. While the title might give a strong clue – the report actually provides a huge change in the direction of international students in the country.

Canada had 240,000 international students in 2011. This number had a large correlation with international students often being charged more than local students for college tuition and fees in addition to how Canada pursued prospective international students.

However, the Canadian government is beginning to realize that international students provide much more than just money to Canada when they decide to study there. (To name just two things, they also provide cultural interactions and better understanding between Canadians and people from around the world.) In order to encourage more international students to commit to degrees in Canada (versus other countries), the country is making some huge goals and steps forward in intercultural and international education.

Some of the new goals that Canada is setting include:

* Doubling international student population to 450,000 by the year 2022;

* Creating a Council of International Education and Research to help advise the government on issues specifically pertaining to international students;

* And decreasing the cost of attendance for international students to be more comparable to Canadian students.

To read the full article on how Canada is striving to improve their international student numbers, click on this link: