It is great to know that the William Penn University Study Abroad blog now has 100 followers! This blog has grown from its original purpose back in January to cover more international affairs and issues – particularly pertaining to traveling and studying abroad.

I truly enjoy reading comments, exchanging ideas with other bloggers, learning from other study abroad departments, and striving to understand better what it is like to be an international student (being somewhere for 4 years) rather than a study abroad student (a semester or a year).

I encourage all of our readers to regularly stop by to read the blog – as there are new posts every couple of days!

As always, if there is a topic that you (the reader) has questions on or would like more information, I would be happy to do some investigating and reporting. Through our connection within the blog, we can learn more about what our local and global community wants and needs from William Penn University in regards to international programs and education.