Hostile Hostel Roommates: How to Deal

As an international traveler, I can relate to some of these stories about staying in a hostel (which is like a cheap hotel that offers rooms with 4 to 12 people).

Out of five hostels I visited during my South Africa semester abroad, there was only one which was not a pleasant experience. We learned after traveling to city of Durban, an hour away, that there was a hotel option at the cost of $33 per person per night (for 3 of us) versus the $12 per person for a hostel room. (The $33 per person per night room included air condition, our own bathroom, and cable television – which were all amazing features for those of us used to sharing bathrooms and not watching any television for months.)

Check out The Nomad Grad’s post on this topic of staying in a hostel – and what you need to keep in mind if you decide the hostel choice is for you!

The Nomad Grad

Yes, I know. I don’t normally post twice a week but I have been receiving lots of e-mails from you adventurers out there wanting advice. Looks like cheap travel is in the air and we’ve got a lot of adventurers preparing to embark on their first hostel experience. Whoohoo!

And I get it; there’s a lot of fear to be had about sharing space with strangers. “What if I get crappy roommates?” “Will it be like the movie? I don’t want to die!” “I’m traveling alone. What am I going to need?”

So by popular demand I am releasing this blog early (I can’t leave my homies hanging). No worries mate; just read so you can breathe easy about your upcoming adventure. =)

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