Advice on How to Treat Being Homesick While Abroad

Out of all of the posts on this blog, the one titled Missing Home Versus Leaving for Home is the most read. In light of that, I wanted to share more links about how to spot being homesick and how to deal with that while abroad.

1. Dealing with Homesickness Abroad

This short article mentions three ways to try and prevent homesickness from occurring. While that is not always possible, being culturally aware of differences – before they occur – will help in minimizing the effects of study abroad homesickness.

2.Study Abroad: Homesick Blues? Banish Those Fears

This longer article is great in helping to point out resources that are available for students who feel homesick during a semester abroad. Regardless of one’s religious beliefs, campus ministry offices and counseling departments can be helpful in providing soothing talks and feelings of being welcome and comforted while abroad. Additionally, by be-friending students from your home (or neighboring) country, you might realize that other people have gone through those feelings successfully to enjoy their experience.

Remember – it is also possible (and likely) that you will experience “study abroad sickness” – or the feelings of missing where you spent time studying abroad. When I returned to the United States of America from my own five and a half months in South Africa, I kept thinking “this isn’t how things are done in South Africa.”

By keeping an open mind and being aware of how you perceive things, the effects of being homesick while abroad – or after returning from abroad – will be diminished.