Fine with eating while touring? Your wallet might not be fine with your fine!

There is a famous travel saying that goes “Do as the locals do.” In the case of traveling within Rome, this advice not only will help you blend in and learn more about the different culture – it may also save you some money!

With peeling paint, weaker walls, and softer grounds (than what they were back when the landmarks were built), the places within Rome and Italy are showing their age. One of the more famous ones, the Colosseum, has become an easy example for visualizing the degradation of ancient places.

Italy recently had a new ordinance go into effect – one that charges people up to $645 for eating or drinking within historic landmarks and monuments. Another part of the ordinance forbids camping or sleeping overnight within the landmarks’ territory. (These rules are in place for all people – locals and tourists with no other warning.) This effort has been made to help preserve the monuments and buildings that have lasted for the past 1000+ years to make it into the next 1000 years (or even 100 years).

So next time you don’t see anyone eating while walking around an ancient landmark – take the clue and “Do as the locals do.”