More Tips and Tricks on What You Should Have Brought With You Abroad

Recently, I did a blog post on things that people do not think to bring with them when traveling abroad. (To view that post, click here:

Another blogger also did a post on the same topic. Some of her tricks of the trade include travel friendly towels, travel book, and a back-up credit card. However, she also mentioned the importance of bringing photographs (like I had mentioned)!

To check out her post on the topic, just click on her link:

Emily Salshutz

I’ve been in London for exactly one month! Ok, probably not too exciting for you, but after a year of planning this entire trip it is sweet to recognize my time spent here.

So like I mentioned a couple weeks back, here is a post of items that I am glad I brought with me, should have brought with me, and glad I bought while here. Some items include links so you can find out where to purchase them. Yeah, consumerism man. Obviously not a complete list, I wish I could have brought more clothes, and left others behind–but this is something I could not have predicted until living here. Also I would not forget ones passport (duh), health insurance card, and university acceptance letter. All of which are extremely important for immigration. And if a computer and a good digital camera are questionable items to pack for you, don’t…

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