Study Abroad and Your Resume: Where Does it Go?

More and more students are choosing to study abroad during the college experience. The difficulty that many students are beginning to face after their time in international boundaries is how to highlight the opportunity on their resume.

William Penn University Career Services Coordinator Debbie Stevens gave her insight on this dilemma. “With the main emphasis of studying abroad to further your education, the best place to list it would be in a sub-line under your education. However, do make sure to list an internship or job under the appropriate category if you were able to also do that while abroad!”

As someone who has traveled abroad multiple times – and participated in other cultural experiences – I have a different suggestion for those who have a lot of international and intercultural experience. Create a separate category titled “International Experience” or “Intercultural Experience.” This category can then incorporate study abroad, volunteering with an organization such as Kiwanis, foreign languages, and globally themed conferences.

This category would also help prospective employers view your intercultural involvement at a quicker glance – which would also help you stand out for positions that deal with intercultural and diversity issues.

If going abroad has increased your desire to continue working in something international or intercultural in focus, there are a number of jobs you can look for as well. Those positions include:

  • Study Abroad Advisor;
  • International Student Advisor;
  • Research position at a think tank organization; and
  • International relief services at a non-governmental organization.

For more ideas on careers and resumes in relation to study abroad, visit your Study Abroad office and Career Services center!