Homesick and Culture-shock: What’s the Difference?

TheStudyAbroadBlog recently did a post on the main differences between homesickness and culture-shock. While the article does point out each person experiences both things from different perspectives, it does provide a good tool in how to recognize the different emotions – and how to counter-act them!

“Get out of your room:

Go have a cup of coffee with some friends. Feel free to talk about your feelings, remember it’s normal to be homesick, just stay positive.  Keep in mind that this will probably be a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and the time you spend sulking in your room is time you’ll never get back. By studying abroad, you are more fortunate than 80% of other college students out there.

Live the dream:

Most of what you remember from back home is more utopian than realistic. Don’t let yourself believe for one second that you would be happier anywhere else than where you’re studying abroad.”

To read more of the solutions in how to counter-act both homesickness and culture-shock, click here: