cAir: The New Child-Friendly Airline

FoxNews had an article on their website that highlighted a new concept airline. (People with kids – get ready to be excited about travel!)

cAir would be an airline that tailors specifically towards travelers with young children. Straight from the beginning of the flight impact (such as having games and interactive maps for children to play with while you check in) to the on-flight experience, cAir definitely is making strides in what has become a growing need.

Some of the small things (that can add up to be big things) that they are doing:

* Seats that can turn backwards so you can face your family while flying;

* Larger bathrooms that can hold multiple people at a time that also have changing tables and sinks at kid levels;

* Toys that can be rented during flights;

* Age appropriate shows;

* Flight attendants that are also child care providers;

* Gates that can be set up so your child can freely play within your seating area;

* And familiar foods served during meal times.

While it is still an idea company – or a concept airline – it does offer a lot of things that current airlines have been cutting back yet. To check out more information about this airline company – and to watch their really informational promotional video – click here: