Think you can’t travel with Thanksgiving foods on an airplane? Think again!

The other day when I was listening to the radio, a broadcaster was talking about traveling with food for Thanksgiving.

The most common type of travel with food is by car – you cook something at your house, drive it an hour to Grandma’s, warm it up in the kitchen and put it out on the table.

However, what if you are traveling by plane? Here are some creative ways of bringing your favorite dishes!

Non-liquid items (or items with no liquid with them) can be brought through airport security – as the X-ray machines will not affect the taste or quality of food. These foods will then be counted as your 1st or 2nd item when boarding the plane – as they will either have to be in the area above your head or in the spot below the seat in front of you near your feet. (So plan according to size measurements as well!)

Examples of items that can be brought like this include:

* Turkey or ham
* Stuffing
* Potatoes
* Bread
* Cookies

Liquid items would need to be placed into your checked luggage – in hopes that they do not break open. This category would include:

* Applesauce
* Cranberry sauce
* Gravy
* Apple cider
* Wine

While the intention may be good, if you are flying – think about what you can bring that can be easily brought through security and on the plane. If you really can’t pull off bringing a dish, offer to help with the clean-up instead. The thought will still be appreciated.

FoxNews also did a story along this same topic. Check it out here:

Happy (American) Thanksgiving Day everyone!

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