Lowering the costs of international education

USNews.com recently posted an article on ways that students can lower the costs of international education. College expenses can easily add up – with items such as school supplies and books to clothes and snow boots all deemed necessary depending on one’s location. (These tips can relate to international students or those studying abroad for a semester.)

The three big tips were:

1. Rent or share books with classmates to lower costs of school materials. The money you saved on supplies can then be re-used towards personal spending – such as clothing or travel.

2. Budget wisely. Spare change adds up – whether it’s a cup of coffee for the week or adding up to equal $40 by the end of the month. Just because you might not be used to carrying change around doesn’t mean it won’t add up!

3. Be smart when socializing. For example, you might be able to carpool with friends to the mall rather than needing to arrange for a taxi. Join a club (or two) early on but also don’t over-stretch yourself. A social life with friends is important but grades are more important!

To read more of the article, click here: http://www.usnews.com/education/best-colleges/paying-for-college/articles/2012/12/03/how-international-students-can-reduce-personal-expenses-in-college