What to do with those old maps

Did you travel to an area, fell in love with it, and have no idea how to remember your travel location?

The Rachel Ray Magazine did an article in their June 2012 issue on how to keep favorite travel locations a part of your life – with inspiring home decoration.


The five tips on pages 45 and 46 were:

* Alphabet letters covered in maps

To serve as bookends or simply as decorative art, wooden letters (that can be bought at most craft stores) can be decorated with maps of a favorite location. For example, if you went to Rome, spell out the letters of Rome covered in map paper, with a favorite location (such as the Colosseum) prominent on a letter.

* Bottle or food tags

If you are giving a food or beverage that is from a specific area, include a map in the wrapping or as part of the gift tag. Whether it’s a bottle or perhaps a pound of fudge from Mackinac Island, most people enjoy knowing where a gift is from and what, if any, local importance it holds.

* Shadow box

The idea of using shadow boxes to keep momentos is not new. A shadow box could hold maps again, a shell in front of a photo of the beach it came from, or money from one’s global travels.

* Silhouette or cut-outIMG_0098

A fourth way of decorating travel wise is by using a silhouette of a famous monument, such as the Statue of Liberty or Taj Mahal of India,  with a piece of mapping from that area. The map could either be the image itself or the background with the image being a solid color.

* Line those drawers and shelves!

Possibly my favorite map idea from this article is the concept of using maps to line a drawer or as the back of a shelf. A hidden surprise for a guest or a subtle reminder of a good memory – maps can be used in a variety of ways to decorate.

Do you have any favorite ways of using maps to decorate?