Make sure that if you are looking for a job as a non-citizen of a country, that you keep some things in mind. It will be harder to get a job but if the company thinks you have amazing potential, there is that possibility of being offered a job…as long as you mind the “do not do this” for international job seekers advice!

Seeking Mastery

If you meet an average foreign graduate student in a developed country, and you assume that he or she is smart, independent, and highly motivated, you’re probably right. It takes a lot to get a foreign graduate degree, and although it may not seem like it, employers are highly attracted to foreign nationals because of their smarts, work ethic and drive.

This begs the question: if employers love us so much, why is getting a job one of the most difficult things a foreigner we may do in his or her life? One word: immigration. The work authorization process for a foreign national requires both the employer and the employee to jump through a series of government hoops (the best kind). If I get around to it, I will do a separate post that explains the process in some detail. For now, let me just say that it is time-consuming…

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