Packing for the Fashionista


Think you can’t survive without 50 scarves, your 20 pairs of shoes, giant purse of makeup and hair products? If you’re going on a trip – you might want to think again. It is not always possible – or practical – to bring all of your belongings on a trip or study abroad experience that lasts five months.

An article on written by Diversity Abroad Campus Representative Tara Matthews gives some pointers in how to still look fashionable while staying practical when traveling!

Step 1: Make lists and revise them. Start with a “what you need” and a “maybe” pile. As you realize how much space is taken up by just half of your “need” pile, you will begin to whittle down to hopefully some true basics and multiple accessories that will help!

Step 2: Bring half of the clothes you think you need – after you have accomplished Step 1. When I left for six months in South Africa, I brought 11 tops. No one is going to care if you are wearing the same top every two weeks – they will just be glad to have met you. Plus, you might find some really cool fashion items at your travel location!

Step 3: Pack smart. You might not have enough space for 30 shirts – but if you bring 5 scarves and 10 shirts, you can mix and match in order to create some variety and color in your wardrobe  Make sure you pack a comfy relaxing outfit and then others that you could use for multiple purposes (such as traveling, in class, etc.).

Step 4: Can you carry your luggage? It’s important to make sure you – yes, YOU! – can move your luggage on your own. There might not be luggage carts at the airports or an elevator in the middle of Africa. Likewise, is your luggage underweight? American travel companies have different weight restrictions than international companies, so try to keep that in mind as well!

Step 5: Be appropriate in your clothing. After you review everything, make sure that you are dressing appropriately for the location, didn’t forget anything important (like your outlet adapters or guide-book!) and have fun on your trip!

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