Vacations are meant to be a time to get away from the stress and routine of daily life in exchange for something exciting and thrilling. However, what happens when something goes wrong – such as not understanding the directions in a foreign language to your hotel or missing the last train of the day? Your vacation can quickly change into a “trauma-cation.” Take a deep breath and check out this post by Travel Relapse on ways to be better prepared for those possibly stressful moments while traveling!

Travel Relapse

Stress happens in our daily lives all the time, whether we are late for work and just missed the train or attempting to find a last-minute Valentines Day gift. Whether we like it or not its a part of life and for some of us its a major part of life. The fact is we can’t hide from it, life is a stressful thing at times and the best any of us can ever hope for it learning to cope with it.

When we travel we don’t magically remove ourselves from stress, in many ways we increase it. Being out in the world in a place that you don’t know where you most likely don’t speak the same language as everyone else causes stress to increase ten fold. That missed train goes from a small nuisance to a full on panic attack as to when, if ever, another train is going to arrive…

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