How healthy is your traveling?

Sure, your airplane seat has that little paper over the headrest. But how often does it get changed?

These are the type of questions that makes one feel tingly as one considers truly how healthy your traveling is.

Some things to think of:

* On airplanes, the bathrooms get cleaned every time the plane refuels. They are actually cleaner than the seat pocket in front of you.
* Ask for headphones or a blanket that is inside a bag. Then you will know that it has been cleaned and sterilized.
* Bring your own travel pillow to avoid touching the headrest. The person traveling in your seat might have had lice.
* Wear long sleeves so only your clothing touches an armrest.
* Your utensils might have been washed in dirty water or rinsed versus scrubbed.

There are many simple steps you can take to protect your health while traveling:

* Get your flu shot.
* Take your vitamins.
* Use hand sanitizer frequently.
* Bring disinfectant wipes with you as you travel. Wipe down your little area as you settle into your seat. You might get a few odd looks but at least you’ll know your section is clean!

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