Will you lose, gain or stay the same during your travel?

Traveling can mean one of three things for your weight.

1. You will lose weight because either you don’t like any of the food so you don’t eat much or you are not used to walking around as much as the location you are visiting.

2. You will gain weight due to liking the food too much or you are used to exercising more.

3. You will stay the same weight due to a combination of factors.

When your body is used to a routine, any sort of “switching-it-up” can lead to undesired results. Traveling is definitely switching it up!

Here are some basic tips in how to try to manage your weight while traveling!

* If you have dietary needs, make sure your tour guide or host family are aware of them. Many students say they are afraid to let their host family know that they are vegetarian (thinking it will be an inconvenience for the family). However, for some people, if they eat meat after a significant amount of time of no meat – they get sick easily. Likewise, if you are allergic to nuts or can’t eat wheat – most families will be happy to arrange foods that you can also enjoy.

* Eat your fruits and vegetables. Americans are infamous for not eating enough of these in general but especially while traveling, the extra cheesecake or big steak might sound better than a salad. If you start with your fruits and vegetables first, or add extra flavors to make them more enticing, then you will be able to enjoy a more well-balanced meal.

* Don’t skip meals. When someone skips lunch (either on purpose or accident) for example, they will typically eat more at dinner than they needed. Make sure you eat meals at consistent times.

* Finally, try to work out – even if it’s just a little bit. Park your car further away at the museum or take a walk in the city park with your camera to check out unusual things.

Vacation isn’t a time to completely disregard a normal food routine – although it is quite tempting to do so!