Here’s a Tip on Tipping Abroad

In the United States of America, customers tip their servers 15-20% of the overall bill. However, this isn’t customary around the world. International students at William Penn University, often leave little or no tip while eating out. Why?

They might not know that servers aren’t paid as high as in other countries.

Servers in Europe for example are paid the same amount as the other staff – and being a waiter or waitress allows for extra tips (rather than a means to make the minimum wage like in the USA). Most European cities have automatic service fees added, similar to that of cruise ships as well. In Europe, a lower service fee will be added – such as 5 or 10%. If you feel that your server deserves more, definitely feel free to add to the bill!

Each country has different tipping procedures though. Some may allow it, others enforce it (by automatically adding it to your bill). There are even some rare places in the United States that does not allow tips for servers – such as the Grand Hotel, in Mackinac Island, Michigan. Typically, places such as those will have signs displaying the “no tipping” policy though.

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