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What to do with those old maps


Did you travel to an area, fell in love with it, and have no idea how to remember your travel location? The Rachel Ray Magazine did an article in their June 2012 issue… Continue reading

Do you know your table manners?


Heritage Student Foundation recently did a post on American table manners – including a fun quiz where you can learn how much you know about eating in the United States. Check it out… Continue reading

A Travel Secret: Storing Money in a Chapstick Tube


When traveling, carrying money is always one of concern. Whether people create hidden pockets within layers of clothing or stick it in a bag, there’s always the fear that someone will take it… Continue reading

Women as Catalysts for Change in Rwanda


“Imagine coming to work, and having to sit next to the wife of the man who killed your husband or the woman whose partner is living in exile after murdering your brother.” This… Continue reading

Un regalo for your host family!


Ever wonder what you might give to a friend or host family while abroad? Here is a wonderful post done by Sol Education Abroad with ideas from study abroad alumni!

New students for a new semester


Today marks the first day of the spring 2013 semester at William Penn University. As we start another semester of classes, homework and club activities – I would like to pause and welcome… Continue reading

Were you part of the one billion?


On December 17th, 2012, the United Nations World Tourism Organization celebrated a milestone in travel history. 1 billion travelers abroad within one year. One random traveler on December 13th served as the symbolic… Continue reading

The Thrill is Worth the Scare…or at Least I Hope So


I like to think of myself as some-what adventurous. The first time I traveled abroad (Canada doesn’t count when you grew up within an hour of the border), I was 16 years old… Continue reading

Lowering the costs of international education

by recently posted an article on ways that students can lower the costs of international education. College expenses can easily add up – with items such as school supplies and books to clothes… Continue reading

Losing Weight: Secrets From Around the World


Within the United States of America, Thanksgiving and Christmas are meals where people tend to over-eat. While an occasional indulgence should be accepted, it is quite easy to eat too much – which… Continue reading