The Packing Regret List: Life as an Expat

If you have traveled away from home for an extensive period of time, then you are familiar with the issue of not having all of your usual gadgets and comfort items. Remember that discomfort you might have felt for 11 days in Rwanda and Tanzania in 2012 without the hair dryer? Or perhaps you spent a summer interning abroad and had to learn how to make rice without a rice maker. These types of adjustments might be confusing and annoying enough but consider the life of an expat – who might only have a couple of suitcases of things from home.

The WordPress blog Born Again Brazilian ( just did a recent post on some material goods the author misses during their time of living abroad. Some items are larger (such as a washing machine) but others are smaller – such as a coffee pot with a timer and space heaters.

Check out their post “10 Things I Wish I Had Brought in the Move” here:

born again brazilian

For more lists of 10 and insights into Sao Paulo, see American Exbrat in São Paulo.

In July we will have been here for three years. While within the first, there were items I wish we had put in the shipment, the past two-and-a-half have really made me realize how a few extra appliances and supplies would have made a big difference. And yes, I’ve taken trips back to the States. But some things just won’t fit in a suitcase, are too heavy or take too much space. Space I wasn’t willing to compromise for chocolate chips, organic coconut oil and birthday party supplies.

Here are ten thing I wish we’d packed in the move.


1. Juicer

I’ve definitely collected some unhealthy eating habits during my São Paulo journey. Recently, in a campaign to offset those, we’ve begun to juice. Juicing is reasonably easy in this city because you…

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