Monthly Archive: August, 2012

Fighting in Syria: the Larger Impact


With fighting in Syria going on for a year and a half now, some people outside the region are becoming “numb” to the various reports of conflict. This “numbness” can be attributed to… Continue reading

Dating a Korean: 101


Intercultural dating is more common than many people realize – especially when you are located in a diverse country, such as the United States. While no one can say explicit “rules” or guidelines… Continue reading



Originally posted on GlobalEd:
King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia has just inaugurated the world’s largest university for women, the Riyadh Women’s University.  40 000 women will be able to attend. This is an excellent…

What is it like to be a Fulbright student in the United States?

by recently did an article that featured interviews with students who are spending time in the United States of America on the Fulbright program. The Fulbright academic program is sponsored by the United… Continue reading

Take the road less traveled and visit a forgotten place…


When one creates a travel bucket list, locations such as Paris, Rome, or Tokyo might pop up. That’s because we, as humans, tend to go to locations where there is a familiar history… Continue reading

Study Abroad Insurance


One thing that students might not think about while they are preparing to study abroad is insurance. Insurance is strongly recommended and required in many locations for abroad travelers. While the insurance will… Continue reading

Take the beach home with you – literally!


When you travel to a beach, you often find yourself taking photos of pretty landscapes and then having no idea how to display where you had some wonderful memories. True, a photo of… Continue reading

Good luck in the new school year!


With today being the first day of classes for our undergraduate 2012-13 school year, I would like to just take a moment to wish all of our students – but especially our international… Continue reading

Travel Tips


For some people, traveling is exciting. For others, images of lost suitcases, airport layovers and security lines conjure up headaches by the one word. While travel is unavoidable, a lack of travel perks… Continue reading

Our final arrivals of our international student family


Today, the last of our international student family (besides our two lovely commuters) will be arriving on campus. With classes beginning on Tuesday, it has been a crazy couple of weeks trying to… Continue reading