Today (May 23rd, 2013) is my final day of working as the Graduate Assistant for International Programs, International Student Advisor, and United World Club Advisor at William Penn University. As of this date, there are 180 followers and have been 7,679 views since the first post published on January 19, 2012.

This blog was created to share information about the multicultural efforts the school was working on – mainly the school’s first study abroad opportunity to Rwanda and Tanzania in 2012. Readers have heard from the voices of the trip participants, sharing trip preparation and day-by-day reflections on what occurred during the trip. Our readers have also learned about international students at WPU, including new project initiatives such as free arrival packages for new students.

I would like to thank everyone who has commented, followed, or liked posts on this blog. I have been inspired to create a personal multicultural blog and will attempt to follow back everyone who has been kind enough to follow this blog.

There will be a down time for the blog, during an interim period between administrators. If during that period, you have any questions regarding international affairs and William Penn University, please contact either of the following people:

Vice President for Special Projects and Government Relations Steve Noah
Phone: 641-673-1048

Vice President of Academic Affairs Noel Stahle
Phone: 641-673-1010